Gray persian bag


Black bag with mink bee


Bag with rose in mink


Grey steel dyed scandinavian male mink coat


Regenerated coat in mahogany male mink


Purple gilet with mink parts


Wool beige cloak with foxy edges and wreck


Eskimo in ecological dyed yellow fur


Scandinavian sapphire female mink coat


Bordeaux dyed scandinavian male mink coat


Avio dyed scandinavian male mink coat


Blue scandinavian female mink coat with lutetia and white mink inserts


Male scandinavian demibuff male miniskirt


Grey dyed lapin rex coat


Blue dyed foxy coat


Purple dyed scandinavian female mink coat


Scandinavian male mahogany mink coat


Blue sky dyed scandinavian male mink coat


Scandinavian male mink coat in dust grey


Two-color persian handbag


Jacket in black epilated mink parts with neck and wrists in zibellino golden parts


Cloth closure with automatic closure


Jacket in brown shaved weasel


Purse in brown Persian